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A Focus On The Best Interests Of Children

Child custody matters are generally among the most contentious and emotional aspects of a divorce. Unfortunately, the parents may not agree on what is best for the children. Disputes can be resolved in court through litigation or at a table during negotiation, depending on the needs of the case and those involved.

The Law Office of Philip W. Moore, Jr. handles a wide range of disputes involving family law matters, including child custody and paternity matters. An attorney with extensive experience in litigation, Philip W. Moore, Jr., has a deep understanding of the custody laws here in Texas and possesses the necessary assertiveness to resolve disputes in a positive manner, but he also knows he represents a parent acting in the best interest of the children now and in the future.

A Solutions-Driven Approach To Custody

The issues that affect child custody are as unique as the children and parents involved. We help parents find solutions by considering the following:

  • The relationship between the children and each parent
  • The parents’ lifestyle and parenting capabilities
  • The work schedule of each parent
  • The wants of the children if they are older
  • The parents’ financial circumstances

Changing Circumstances Could Necessitate Modifications

We strive to create parenting plans and custody agreements that work both in the present and in the future. However, we also understand that unexpected events sometimes need addressing through a petition for modification. Whether it is relocation for a job, a change in employment, a debilitating illness or other matters, we can work with you to update your agreement.

Taking Proactive Steps To Protect Children

Unfortunately, there may be extenuating circumstances that put the children in dangerous or complicated situations. The court system is set up so that parents can represent themselves in a temporary orders hearing, but legal guidance from a knowledgeable family law lawyer can be extremely helpful. We have had great success in helping parents when the child is in immediate danger; we also can help secure temporary orders to resolve financial issues during the divorce process. We can also protect a parent’s custody rights if Child Welfare Services has become involved.

Contact Our Law Office To Discuss Your Custody Concerns

Contact us online or call our office in Frisco at 972-833-8258 to schedule an appointment. Initial consultations are free and confidential. We serve parents in Frisco and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.