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The dissolution of marriage is often an emotionally charged and confusing time for individuals and parents. Countless legal and financial decisions need to be made, but it is also important to determine a workable family plan in a new two-home arrangement. A family law lawyer who can provide knowledgeable and compassionate guidance can be a tremendous asset in guiding you through this process.

The Law Office of Philip W. Moore, Jr. is a Frisco-based firm committed to working hands-on with clients to address all their family law needs and concerns as they navigate this difficult time. Having gone through a divorce himself here in Texas, attorney Moore understands what you are going through and strives to minimize the stress and maximize the results. Nonetheless, we understand that the circumstances of each situation are different, so we work tirelessly to address all our clients' needs and concerns. We are always available during this process and proactively update you with all new developments in a clear and plainspoken manner.

Attending to All Your Family Law Needs

There are a number of important matters to consider when filing for divorce. These include:

  • Contested divorce versus uncontested divorce: Mr. Moore is a highly regarded litigator who has had great success in contested cases, but we also understand that a lengthy court battle is not always desirable.
  • Property division: Texas is a community property state, which does not mean splitting marital assets in half. However, we aggressively pursue fair settlements in court or through negotiation.
  • High-asset divorce: The division of property can be extremely complex when it involves business valuation, division of retirement accounts, stock portfolios and other assets. Tax issues may also need to be considered. We are always extremely thorough because we understand that one small oversight can be the loss of a significant sum of money.
  • Parenting plans and child custody: Custody gives parents a legal say in important decisions regarding their children, while a parenting plan includes scheduling, care of children and general logistics of raising a family. We always consider the best interests of the children while ensuring it is workable for the parent.
  • Support: While child support in Texas utilizes a formula, spousal maintenance or contractual alimony is more dependent on the circumstances of the family and generally considers a spouse's age, ability to earn a living, living standards, health and other issues.

Contact Us If You Are Considering Divorce

To learn more about our firm and our approach to divorce in North Texas, contact our office. Call 972-654-6455 to schedule your initial consultation today. We serve clients in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Denton, Collin County, Denton County, Tarrant County, and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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