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Family law disputes are a mix of legal matters, financial concerns and a wide range of strong emotions that can cloud the issues. Even if the divorce is uncontested, there are countless details that must be worked out between the couple, particularly when there are children involved. Just because it is difficult, however, does not mean that it has to be painful.

Based in McKinney but also serving the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, the Law Office of Philip W. Moore, Jr., works with clients to determine priorities that ensure that all your rights as an individual and a parent are protected. Sometimes this can be done through negotiation or mediation with the other side, but we are well-known for our litigation skills and find it is always best to prepare as if the case is going to court. This thoroughness ensures that every issue is considered as we work toward achieving or surpassing your legal goals.

Family Law Services We Offer

Family law includes a wide range of legal matters. Attorney Philip W. Moore, Jr., often works with clients to resolve the following:

  • Filing for divorce: We strive for fair and equitable results by protecting our clients' best interests whether this involves drafting an agreement or handling a challenging enforcement or child support matter.
  • Child custody and parenting plans: Children's well-being is our priority, so we work toward arrangements that are in the best interests of the kids while still being workable for the parents. We also protect custody rights if Child Protective Services is involved.
  • High-asset divorce: This can involve retirement plans, business ownership, stock portfolios, extensive property holdings and other assets. We can work with experts to accurately value property and ensure that all assets are accounted for or protected when possible.
  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements: These typically were for couples with a large number of assets, but these contracts can provide a solid financial foundation for the family to move forward, particularly if both spouses work or have been previously married.
  • Stepparent adoption: We can help guide you through this process and manage such challenging issues as the termination of parental rights.
  • Grandparent adoption: We understand that sometimes the grandparents are the primary caregivers and it can be necessary to legally protect that relationship.
  • Paternity suits: We work with parents trying to protect or defend parental rights. We also can help enforce support obligations.
  • Property division: Texas is a community property state, which does not mean all marital assets are split in half. We always work toward an equitable division of all marital assets acquired during marriage.
  • Modifications: We try to plan for all contingencies, including ex-spouses who move, but the unexpected happens and children's needs often change.

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