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Five Tips for Talking to Your Children About Your Divorce

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Frisco, TX divorce lawyerIf you are considering a divorce or you have already started the divorce process, you may be wondering how to tell your children. While this is a difficult conversation to have, there are some things you can do to make it a little easier. Here are a few tips on how to talk to your children about your divorce.

1. Make Sure You Are Both on the Same Page

Before you have the conversation with your children, make sure you and your spouse are on the same page about what you are going to say. You should both be in agreement about the key points you want to communicate to your children. This will help the conversation go more smoothly and help reduce any confusion or anxiety on the part of your children.

2. Keep Things Simple and Age-Appropriate

When you are talking to your children about your divorce, try to keep your explanation simple. They are likely already feeling confused and overwhelmed, so avoid using complicated legal jargon or getting into too many details. Just let them know that you and their other parent have decided to divorce and that they will still see both of you. It is also a good idea to speak in a way that your children will understand based on their ages and maturity levels.

3. Reassure Them That They Are Not Responsible

It is common for children of divorced parents to blame themselves, even though they had nothing to do with the decision to divorce. So, it's important that you reassure them that they did nothing wrong and that this decision has nothing whatsoever to do with them. You should continue to reassure them of this long after the initial conversation.

4. Let Them Know They Can Express Their Feelings

Your children are likely to feel a range of emotions, from sadness and confusion to anger and betrayal, and this is entirely normal. Let them know that it is okay for them to express their feelings and encourage them to talk about whatever they are going through with you or another trusted adult in their life. Allow them the opportunity to express themselves whenever they might need to do so.

5. Seek Professional Help if Needed

If you feel like your child is having a hard time coping with the news of your divorce, do not hesitate to seek professional help from a counselor or therapist who specializes in working with children of divorced parents. In fact, working with a counselor is a good idea for your children throughout your divorce proceedings.

A Frisco Divorce Lawyer Can Help

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