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A Focus On Your Future During Life-Changing Times

The end of a marriage means a significant change in the lives of family members. However, the change does not end upon the finalization of a divorce. Ex-husbands, ex-wives and their children move on to the next chapter of their lives.

A divorce decree reflects the circumstances of the time. However, when certain life-changing events occur expectedly or unexpectedly, the agreement may require updating.

A Detail-Driven Approach In Modifying Divorce Decrees

Attorney Philip W. Moore, Jr., is a Texas-based family law attorney who attends to every detail in initial marital dissolution agreements and any subsequent modifications. Former spouses often take a second chance at love and marriage. A new employment opportunity requires moving to a neighboring state or across the country. Job loss can result in a significant decrease in income. Children become adults and no longer require the financial support of a parent.

You may be tempted to move forward with a verbal pact instead of formal changes to your divorce. While that decision will initially save time and money, the costs will be even greater if one spouse decides not to keep their word, particularly if children are involved. The only mechanism is a legally binding and enforceable modification agreement.

Committed To Earning Your Trust And Confidence

Getting a divorce is stressful. Changing the terms can be equally aggravating, if not contentious. At The Law Office of Philip W. Moore, Jr., we take into account all contingencies in drafting initial divorce decrees, understanding that our clients may come back when events occur that require revisiting the documents.

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