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Getting To The Facts When It Comes To Parentage

When it comes to emotionally charged family law issues, few can match the intensity of paternity disputes. The stakes are both personal and financial. Mothers, alleged biological fathers and children want the truth that allows them to move on with their lives.

At The Law Office of Philip W. Moore, Jr., A Professional Corporation, we can not only facilitate the process of proving paternity, but we will also pursue support orders in Texas when DNA proves parentage.

Personalized Representation For Highly Personal Disputes

Paternity suits can result from a variety of scenarios. On one end, purported fathers are disputing biological links to children and the requirement to support them financially. The flip side sees alleged dads fighting to establish paternity due to a desire to secure custody or visitation rights.

Even offspring find themselves in the midst of paternity litigation. Cases range from financial support to an acknowledgment of paternity from the person they believe to be their father. Government entities responsible for child support enforcement often request DNA testing to hold fathers to their parental obligations.

Proactive Steps To Protect Parental Rights

Whether you have paternity-related suspicions or disputes, the time to act is now. Most cases surround child support obligations by the biological father. Proof should come sooner rather than later, particularly considering the amount of retroactive child support that a child may or may not receive in full.

This is no time to take on a complicated legal matter without skilled and seasoned representation. Call The Law Office of Philip W. Moore, Jr. at 972-833-8242 to reach out Frisco office or reach out to us via email to schedule an initial consultation.