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Bringing Stability To Post-Divorce Futures

Few aspects of divorce are more contentious than dividing marital property. Future financial stability is at stake during a time of significant change. Post-divorce fear clouds judgments as soon-to-be ex-spouses stake their claims. The emotionally charged aspects alone require the help of an attorney to facilitate good decision-making.

While Texas is a community property state, not every marital asset is divided equally. At The Law Office of Philip W. Moore, Jr., A Professional Corporation, we strive to secure equitable division of property acquired during the course of a marriage.

Unwavering Dedication In Securing The Assets You Deserve

When spouses are in dispute, dividing assets can bring conflict, particularly in marriages where a couple enjoyed valuable property that includes stock, multiple real estate holdings, business ownership and well-funded retirement plans. In those cases, Philip W. Moore, Jr., works hard to ensure all property is identified and valued by experts. More in-depth investigations are needed to locate any hidden assets.

A well-drafted prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can also help facilitate the asset division process should couples decide to divorce. The pacts are particularly helpful if both sides work or a previous marriage exists. While not completely eliminating conflict, signed documents from the past can provide a more stable financial foundation in the future.

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