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Married couples often encounter relationship issues, and those who are not able to resolve these difficulties may decide that divorce is the best option for their family. The dissolution of a legal partnership can be a complex process that may involve multiple types of financial issues, and a divorce may become even more complicated if a couple has children. To ensure that they are making the right decisions and taking the proper steps to protect their rights and financial interests, a divorcing spouse will need to be represented by a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

At the Law Office of Philip W. Moore, Jr., P.C., we work to ensure that our clients have the representation they need during the divorce process. Attorney Moore provides our clients with more than 20 years of legal experience, which gives him a comprehensive understanding of the legal issues that can affect their cases. He believes in advocating for his clients' rights and fighting to protect their interests, regardless of the challenges and obstacles that might arise.

Legal Issues to Address During Divorces in Texas

Attorney Moore works hard to ensure that divorcing spouses fully understand the issues that will need to be resolved during a divorce case. He ensures that his clients understand their rights while explaining the options available to them and helping them negotiate settlements that protect their interests. He and his team provide assistance with:

  • Property division - Determining how to divide assets and debts can often be a complex matter. We work to help our clients understand whether the assets they own are marital property or separate property, and we help negotiate divorce settlements that divide marital assets fairly between spouses. In addition to addressing assets such as bank accounts, retirement funds and pensions, physical property, real estate, vehicles, and other valuables, we work with business owners to ensure they fully understand the value of business assets and determine how to divide property in a way that will allow them to continue to own and operate a business.
  • Child custody and conservatorship - Married couples who have children together will need to determine whether they will share joint managing conservatorship or whether one parent will have sole managing conservatorship. Spouses will also need to create possession orders that determine when children will live or stay with each parent. They may also need to ensure that their parenting agreement fully details any other decisions related to their children, such as rules for disciplining children or communication between children and parents.
  • Financial support - Couples with children will need to establish child support orders that ensure that both parents are contributing to their children's financial needs. While the non-custodial parent will usually pay child support to the custodial parent, couples may also need to determine how they will divide child-related expenses that address children's medical care, daycare or childcare, and extracurricular activities. If there is a substantial difference between the incomes earned by the spouses, one spouse may be required to pay spousal support to the other following the couple's divorce. These payments will ensure that a spouse who does not have the means to fully support themselves will be able to meet their own needs, and it may allow those who are not currently working to pursue education and increase their earning capacity as they re-enter the workforce.

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Choosing the right attorney to represent you during your divorce can be one of the most important decisions you make. At the Law Office of Philip W. Moore, Jr., P.C., we can help you take the correct steps to resolve disputes with your spouse, and we will fight to protect your rights throughout the divorce process. Contact our office today by calling 972-954-6455 and setting up a complimentary consultation.

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