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Will Divorce Mediation Work for Me?

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Frisco Divorce Mediation LawyerMany spouses who are getting a divorce choose mediation over a courtroom battle. Mediation offers a number of advantages. For example, you do not need to gather and present evidence to a mediator like you would with a judge. Mediation can also save you money. Contesting your divorce in court can be costly due to court and legal fees. Going to court to resolve your divorce can also be very time-consuming. You may need to miss multiple days of work in order to prepare for and attend court dates. Additionally, mediation can speed up the divorce process significantly. Spouses who use mediation can often resolve their divorces and finalize their divorce decree within a few months, whereas relying on a court to resolve each issue could take several years. However, mediation is not for everyone. There are some cases where it is recommended that mediation not even be attempted. Whether you and your spouse choose mediation or contested divorce, you should each be represented by your own attorneys. 

Signs Mediation May Work Well For You

Some signs that mediation may be effective for you and your spouse include: 

  • You are amicable - If your divorce is relatively amicable and you and your spouse are able to sit in the same room and have a conversation, this is a very good sign that mediation is likely to yield the results you want. 
  • You have a prenuptial agreement - First, having a prenuptial agreement can limit the issues that still need to be decided. Further, the fact that you and your spouse were able to reach such an agreement in the first place is a good sign that you can compromise. 
  • You have no children and limited marital property - If you do not have child custody issues to contend with and the size of your marital estate is relatively small, you may be able to quickly work through the remaining issues in mediation. 

Signs Mediation May Not Work For You

Signs that divorce mediation is not for you may include: 

  • You were abused - Mediation with an abusive spouse is rarely recommended. 
  • Your spouse is mentally ill or addicted to drugs - Your spouse may not show up for mediation, and if they do, they may not be able to effectively cooperate. 
  • Your marital estate is complex - If you have a large and complex marital estate, such as multiple real estate properties or a stock portfolio, dividing the marital property fairly may take court intervention. 

None of these factors on their own dictate whether mediation will work in your case. You know your spouse better than anyone and only the two of you can decide whether to attempt divorce mediation. 

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